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 Velvet Unbound Workshop '24 

Join us for five full days on one of the most unique workshop opportunities in North America.  This photo workshop will take place at Rocky Mountain National Park - known as one of the best big bull photography locations in the US.  We’ll be focused on a very unique aspect of the elk antler lifecycle - specifically when the velvet is stripped off their antlers in preparation for the upcoming rut.  Sometimes bloody, always interesting. Don't miss out on a very limited opportunity to witness and photograph this event!


These tours will be very limited seating (just 3 seats total) to make sure the experience is top notch and to ensure everyone gets their photos of these once-in-a-lifetime bulls. In addition to elk we also have a high likelihood of seeing large bull moose in velvet, velvet mule deer and a variety of other animals as well.

2024 Workshop Basics
$3,000 for 5 Days (Aug 11 to Aug 15)

Daily Itinerary

5:00-5:20am Pickup From Lodging in EP
5:20am - Start Looking for Wildlife
10:00am - End of Morning Session

10:00am - Discuss Next Plans
10:30am - Lunch Break (Not Included)
3:15pm - Afternoon Pickup

3:30pm - Early Dinner (Included)
4:30pm - Start Looking for Wildlife
8:45pm - End of Evening Session

Workshop Gallery

All images from the workshop location.

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