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Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide you with the best educational experience possible in RMNP.  We’ll know we’re successful if you leave with memories that will last you a lifetime!  If you’re a photographer or videographer, our goal is to teach you something during our tour that will improve your skills for a lifetime.

About Us

Good Bull Guided Tours is a locally owned, small family business.  Loren is the primary tour guide and his wife Alli manages the marketing and some operations. 

Our History:

Loren has always had a passion for wild places and wild things but particularly for elk.  His love for elk and other wildlife has led to his more than 25 years of experience as a wildlife photographer. Loren enjoys educating others about wildlife, photography, and the outdoors.  When Alli met Loren, she discovered and nurtured his passion for wildlife and along the way she became obsessed with elk and wildlife photography as well.  Together we traveled across the west capturing some of the most unique wildlife encounters ever witnessed, but we always came back to Estes Park – one of the most wildlife rich areas in the country. After a few years of making the drive up to Estes from the Denver area several times a week, we finally took the plunge and moved to Estes with our two daughters in tow. We feel blessed to call this elk haven our home and be a part of this mountain community. 


Good Bull Guided Tours was born of these passions and we’re excited to bring YOU along for the ride.

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