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Sparring Bulls

There's fighting and there's sparring. While the activity may look similar - both have bull elk locking their antlers together and pushing each other around - sparring is more like a pickup game of basketball with your neighbor across the street. When bulls spar with each other they're just playing around and it isn't very serious.

This is actually great news for photographers looking to capture images of bulls locking antlers together. Sparring matches tend to last longer and typically occur in more open areas making them easier to capture with a camera or camcorder. They also tend to be more vocal while they're sparring so if you're getting video of these encounters there is often very interesting and engaging audio to capture as well.

If you want to capture sparring bulls get a visit with Good Bull Guided Tours scheduled today. Bulls will continue to spar as long as they have antlers and we know some great spots to witness and photograph this activity. The first bulls will start shedding their antlers in late February so don't wait too long!


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