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Camera Settings to Catch the Action (and February Discount)

We were recently asked if we do photography workshops. In short, since all of our tours are custom and your guide is an experienced wildlife photographer, any tour you take can be a photography workshop. In fact, if you want to bring your laptop along with your camera gear we can get some wildlife images and walk you through editing them as part of your tour.

One example of what we can teach you is how to get out of the bad habit of shooting auto mode on your camera and switch to either manual mode or aperture priority mode depending on your style along with the appropriate settings to choose for each. In the video featured in this blog post you can see that the action is very fast. In order to capture the magpie darting towards the elk's ear your shutter speed has to be very high. You'll also need to know for your camera and editing style how high your ISO can go before images get unusable and what your f/stop should be. All of these need to be figured out before you actually take a single photo and those lighting conditions are changing throughout the day. We can tell you how to setup your camera while you're in the field to take advantage of your camera's abilities and limit its weaknesses so your photos are as good as they possibly can be while you're in the field with us on a tour.

Once you have your camera settings figured out you can focus on the other things that make great photographs like composition, light, angles, and more. Join us on a tour. We still have a few slots open for January at a 23% discount using code "January23" however we've also just opened up a February discount of 10% using code "BEMINE10" that can be used for any tour taking place during the month of February. Also a reminder that kids under 10 years old are free so long as there are at least 2 paid tickets.


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