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Big Velvet Bucks Workshop

Join us for a full day of chasing some of the biggest velvet mule deer in North America.  This workshop will take place at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge - known for decades as one of the best big buck locations around.  Not only will we have access to the publicly available locations but many of the restricted admin areas as well!​


These tours will be very limited seating (just 3 seats per day) to make sure the experience is top notch and to ensure everyone gets their photos of these once-in-a-lifetime bucks but feel free to book multiple days. In addition to mule deer we'll likely see whitetail, bison, prairie dogs, coyotes, and a variety of raptors.

Under Construction

Workshop Basics

Daily Itinerary

6:00am - Meetup, Load the Vehicle
6:15am - Start Looking for Wildlife
10:30am - End of Morning Session

10:30am - Discuss Morning Session
11:00am - Have Lunch (Included)
12:00pm - Mid Day Break

3:30pm - Meetup, Load the Vehicle
3:45pm - Start Looking for Wildlife
8:00pm - End of Evening Session

Workshop Gallery

All images from the workshop location.

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